The potential for weight gain while doing hormone injections

February 28, 2010 in egg donor blog by Kate

I’m concerned about gaining weight while doing the hormone injections.  Did you gain weight?  Will I be able to continue exercising regularly (a couple of times a week) if I decide to donate my eggs?

You will gain weight, yeah.  But kinda like you would if you were on a long road-trip, and you really had to pee.  It’s so completely temporary, that it’s almost a non-issue.  Your ovaries will go from the size of a walnut-ish, to the size of a grapefruit-ish.  That means that your pants will be uncomfortable towards the end, and you’ll waddle a little.  Not one single, solitary person will ever be able to tell, but you’ll feel it.  I started wearing dresses.  For two years straight, I wore a dress.  Now, all I wear is dresses because I got used to it – waking up in the morning is easier when you know you only have to pick out one item to wear, no matching required.

I’m a runner, and about a week into “stim shots,” I have to stop running.  Your ovaries are attached to delicate dental floss-like strings – the fallopian tubes – and they can get twisted.  Thankfully, this has never happened to me, but from what I’ve heard, this is not pleasant, and it means the end of your egg donation cycle.  So, it’s best to suck up the self-consciousness of  a few pounds and go for a brisk walk instead.  Once you have your retrieval, your ovaries will fill back up with fluid – DRINK VITAMIN WATER AND/OR GATORADE TO PREVENT THIS!! – and then they’ll “deflate” again about a week after that.  It take about 2 weeks to (what I call) “lose the baby weight.” And you know how after a horrible haircut at the hands of your mother when you were a kid, she’d say “it’s not that bad, no one will notice” but she’s really lying to you because she’s legally obligated, as your mother, to protect your feelings?  Well, it’s not like that with this.  I’m not legally obligated to protect your feelings, so trust me when I tell you: NO ONE WILL BE ABLE TO TELL.  Promise.